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Outdoors with Hiking Bob

Mar 31, 2021

This week Bob and co-host Kevin talk about how they find hiking trails while traveling, and an incident in Washington State where a hiker and cyclist argued over right-of-way, which resulting in one getting stabbed. Who was right and who was wrong? Bob and Kevin weigh in, and discuss the nuances of trail...

Mar 24, 2021

On this week's podcast, Bob chats with Mike Rigney, Ring the Peak project manager for the Trails and Open Space Coalition about the status of the trail network around Pikes Peak, and the progress towards getting the gaps in the network closed.

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Mar 17, 2021

On this week's podcast, Bob and co-host Kevin discuss the recent blizzard to hit Colorado and what it means for recreation and the environment. Also, a local parks department head is retiring, more e-bikes coming to trails and parks, and much more. 

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Mar 10, 2021

On this week's podcast, Bob talks with Jim Lockhart and John Stansfield who both represent local outdoor advocacy group Wild Connections, and also the Pikes Peak region's chapter of the Sierra Club. They discuss the Colorado Wilderness Act and the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act, and get into what...

Mar 3, 2021

On this week's podcast, Bob and Kevin discuss retail giant REI's decision to not give out dividends to members this year, and the reaction they're getting. Also, a "cold case" mystery involving Russian hikers may have been solved, and the age old question of which is better: a paper map or a GPS is addressed.