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Outdoors with Hiking Bob

Apr 25, 2018

Bob talks with Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain State Park manager Mitch Martin. They discuss the hiking, camping, cycling, archery and equestrian opportunities at the park, along with it’s history, and future plans.

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Apr 18, 2018

Bob talks with Friends of the Garden of the Gods President Hank Scarangella. The history of the group, parking and traffic, the popularity of the park, future plans for the park, and challenges facing the park are among the subjects discussed

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Apr 11, 2018

Bob and co-host Kevin catch up on recent hikes; National Park Service reconsidering proposed entry fee increases; Barr Trail and Manitou Incline and more

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Apr 4, 2018

Bob talks with Kevin Weese, owner of Trails End Tap Room in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They discuss what makes Trails End different from other tap rooms, and more importantly, how they give back to the many outdoor recreation non-profits in the Pikes Peak region

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